We at Medzsupplier are a leading global exporter and Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company in India for generic and branded medicines with a focus on a wide array of dosage formulations, injectables, ointments, inhalers, capsules, tablets, creams, liquids, and so on. Our pharmaceutical stock covers a wide range of acute and chronic therapies. We are also one of the most trusted and fast-paced developing pharmaceutical medicines’ Exporter, Importer, Trader & Supplier. We are present and operate in countries like Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.

We are striving and moving steadily on our path to becoming one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies worldwide with an overseas presence in many countries and cities to which we can easily deliver authentic generic and branded medicines. We take pride in being present in all of the major markets, and that’s how we emerge as a brand that’s easy to connect to. We sell FDA-approved, generic, and branded medicines at competitive rates. We have exceptional state-of-the-art facilities and accreditations as per WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2015 norms.

Our Mission: Vision

Our mission

We, at Medzsupplier, are on a mission to make the best healthcare advancements and improvements available and accessible through a trusted chain of development of exceptional pharmaceutical products. We are all through the phase of production and distribution of the same. Our mission is to continuously be effortful in maintaining each individual’s quality of life and address medical needs with utmost care and dedication.

Our vision

Our vision aligns with the aims of the many individuals, buyers, and clients who have witnessed us emerge as creators of smart pharmaceutical innovations that prioritize revolutionizing healthcare systems above and beyond everything else. Our vision resides in the idea of providing great hope and complete healing to the needy from all corners of the world.

Our Values

We value human welfare, quality, and innovation beyond anything else. We are continuously working towards upgrading our stock with the corporate and social responsibility of supplying only the best and authentic medications to organizations, buyers, clients, and others not just locally but also in the overseas market. Our Ambition is to help our buyers avoid fake and harmful medications and trust our core strength in making the best FDA-approved medicines available and delivered to their doorstep with ease.

Area of Business

Our medicines are formulated for gastroenterology, neuropsychiatry, anti-infectives, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, nephrology, dermatology, respiratory, urology, etc. We have a robust database of pharmaceutical products focused on Erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders, Zopiclone, anxiety, eye care, Generic Lyrica (pain), Armodafinil, Modafinil, etc.  

We don’t just rely on our humble beginnings; we believe in extending our support to improved forms of healthcare and related innovation and technology. Medsupplier has a strong and unmatched global presence in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.

Company Quality Policy

We take special care in the packaging of medicinal products to boost their shelf life and ensure maximum safety through transportation. Our Pharmaceutical Finished Formulations can boast of quality and safety which is never compromised even with a promise of stocking and dealing with bulk quantity. We adhere to the stringent laws of Pharmaceutical Finished Formulations in everything from speciality chemicals to life-saving drugs. We can boast an unwavering commitment to higher quality, innovation, standards, and affordability.

What We Offer?

We offer the top generic medicines, all FDA-approved and stocked from reliable manufacturers. We also stock Veterinary Products and food SupplementsPharmaceutical Products (with even minimum worldwide availability), Medical Devicesnutritional supplements, etc. We sell medications for Erectile Dysfunction, anxiety, eye care, pain, Modafinil, Zopiclone, etc.

We take all the necessary steps to add a safety tag without compromising the quality of any of our products. We also encourage informed buyer decisions by providing complete details on chemical compositions, side effects, interactions, and many other sensitive details on medications available at our online store.

Why Choose Medzsupplier?

  • We encourage fast and Easy Online Ordering
  • We make the benefits of Free Next Day Shipping available without a fuss
  • We are the VAWD Suppliers that assure quality, credibility and commitment
  • You get the Best Pricing and the most competitive rates with the purchase of generic medicines at Medzsupplier
  • Our Commitment To Quality is exceptional and we believe in delivering only the best and the most authentic stuff to our buyers
  • We strive for an Ethical Business Approach and never stock, sell, or distribute fake medications; all our products are genuine, FDA-approved, and stocked by well-known and reliable manufacturers.
  • Our Global Reach is beyond your imagination as our commitment to quality is gradually helping us extend our services to a broader market all over the world. We serve in various countries including Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.
  • Our Local Commitment is also beyond a question of credibility. We believe in making national and international buyers and clients equally happy.
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